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Trafipper offers comprehensive and cutting-edge analytics for transforming mobility experiences into the digital products for all of us.

  •  A temporal depth of travel distances

  • Personalization of analytics


We leverage the gap between people’s cognition and complicated visualization and difficulty to sense the environment.

  • Interactive radial visuals for sensing the environment (map free form)

  • User-defined periodical time-based distances for scaling the dynamic environment



We offer a digital experience of sensing the environment, navigating and discovering the potentials and opportunities in user centred circles.

  • Interactive radial visual

  • An ability to store, share and compare personalized practices


Trafipper offers that tourist attractions and their surroundings be identified, visualized and presented with specified units of measure.​​

  • Points of interest in the area where tourists are located 

  • Mobility potential of the tourist location. 

  •  Demand for tourist attractions and creates new demands for tourism




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